Sunday, April 11, 2010

Drive-In Weekend

After a Saturday of lounging around and eating pancakes, I asked Bergstrom if he wanted to do anything tonight. I was thinking along the lines of having people over, but he hops on the internet and says, "DRIVE-IN MOVIE!"

There is a drive-in in Hockley, Texas, outside of Tomball, outside of Houston...get the picture? They said the gates opened at 7 and the movie was going to start at dusk. We hopped in the car and drove about 45 minutes to "Showboat Drive-In." My very first drive-in!

Tons of families were there and it was the most beautiful night here in Houston, cool and clear. They had two different double features that they were showing: Clash of the Titans and The Bounty Hunter OR How to train a Dragon and Diary of a Wimpie Kid. We saw How to train a Dragon because, when it comes to movies, Bergstrom and I will ALWAYS agree on a good animated film, plus he said he wanted to see Titans in a larger screen.

The movie was super cute, definitely worth the $5 dollars we each paid. We brought left over Easter candy and it was perfect! The movie ended a little after 10 and neither of us were up for staying for the new feature, but $5 for a person to see two movies is a steal!

Next time we come, we said we'd love to bring a group of our friends. There was a large field where people were tossing the ball and Frisbee around. Awesome way to spend a Saturday night with my guy!

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