Thursday, April 15, 2010

Someone thought I was Viola Swamp today

I made someone mad, a financial adviser.

An old co-worker came in with his business partner on Tuesday and was giving me the sales pitch on different types of investments that Jason and I should undertake. First off, I really felt uncomfortable having them there at my work, during work hours. Secondly, I really felt pressured by them because they wanted a second meeting with me AND Jason Thursday (today) to go over the different avenues we could take.

So, after talking with Jason, things just didn't feel right. We never sought them out, they found me. I emailed him that night and in so many words said, "Thanks, but no thanks." It just wasn't for us at this time.

Well, I guess he never got the email, which I figured since he never responded back. I had a hunch they were going to show up today so I left and went to our other building. Sure enough, my cell rings and it's them, waiting for me at my office. I called back and this is how the convo went:

Me: I emailed you a few days ago. Sorry you never got it, but my husband and I aren't interested in the investment at this time.

Him: What investment is that?

Me: Well, um....the one you talked to me about the ___ and the ___.

Him: That's not what I was going to show you.


Me: Um....well.....uh.....(pause) I just felt pressured the other day and my husband and I do not wish with you at this time.

Him: (harshly) Well, that's all you had to say.

Me: (very quickly) Ok, Good-bye.

He was pissed! It made me feel a little bad. I couldn't help it. I felt like Viola Swamp.

Well, so I drove around and called Jason to tell him how it went down and then I drove back to work about 15 minutes later. Well, as I was waiting to turn on to the street, I see them in the parking lot still. (I think they went to get coffee around the corner.) YIKES! So I had to keep driving around until I thought it was safe. When I finally decided to go back, I parked on the other said of the building and ran so fast into the door, just to be safe.

Man, salesman, can be vicious!

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