Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ten Things...#5

Ten Things I Love That I Own
#5. Rain boots
I love them not just because they have cute polka-dots on them but because they have been so dad-gum useful lately with all this stormy weather. I love stomping through puddles and tall grass in them. Once again, Christmas present from the madre. Everyone needs some rain boots. Target is where I got mine.

Sidenote: This exercise, of picking 10 things that I love, has been harder than I thought. I, of course, like and enjoy most of everything I own, but distinguishing things that I LOVE have been difficult. I think the reason being is that I hardly buy anything for myself. Take the pink vase for example, I love the vase but NEVER would have bought it if I saw it in a store. I talk myself out of almost every purchase. I'm a total cheap-skate. (That's why, if you've noticed, most of these things were gifts from other people, mainly my mom.)

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