Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Look #1 - Bohemian

Do boys like being boys?  I'm sure they do.  So much of who they are, are God-given traits: competitiveness, comradeship, adventure, etc.  Well, I definitely enjoy being a girl.  I love making things more beautiful.  I love supporting and assisting with tasks and I definitely love feeling confident in what I wear. 

What we wear speaks volumes.  (and I think that's an understatement)  I love What Not To Wear on TLC because of its main principle: yes, you are NOT what you wear; however, your fashion does communicate to those around you.

By no means, would I EVER call myself a 'fashionista.'  Please shoot me if I do, but, this girl does love clothes.  Putting on clothes that make me feel good, honestly make me, well, feel good.  In college, I would always dress up for a test or exam to make me feel more confident and, to this day, I still do that.  This time instead of tests, it's meetings or because I'm actually having low self-esteem/confidence.

All this to say, being a female affords me more styles and options.  Sucks for you, guys!  Women can dress in so many different ways, in so many different pieces.  For me, I can almost 'be' someone different depending on what I wear.  (A little insight into why I'm an actress, I guess.)  So, I've decided to do a little documentation of my outfits each day.  I have many close girlfriends that comment on my number of clothes/outfits.  Some swear I could practically go a year without wearing the exact, complete outfit twice.  While that's an interesting observation, I don't think I'm up for that challenge; however, this week, I will purposely try to dress in different styles with the intention of demonstrating how women can have a variety of range in what they wear.

LOOK #1 - Bohemian: a person, as a writer or artist, who lives and acts free of regard of conventional rules and practices; a Gypsy.

Dress - Old Navy
Sweater - Macy's
Boots - Steven Madden
White Leggings, Hoop Earrings - Target
Grey Shirt - Who knows?

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