Thursday, January 27, 2011

Look #3 - Minimalistic

When I walked into the Thursday, ladies lunch/bible study, Sarah said, "You look like..." and then she stop. I replied, "Please say Audrey Hepburn!" "No," she said, "Danny Kaye in that one musical about choreography." White Christmas. HA!

I'll take it though. The minimalistic look is so nice, classic and easy. Every woman should try it, but the key is to keep it classy, not sloppy. Make sure the clothes fit properly and not too loosely.

LOOK #3 - Minimalistic - of or pertaining to someone or something advocating smallness.

Turtleneck - Gap
Jeans - Forever21
Shoes - Steven Madden
Earrings - Mom

Two things about the picture: 1) please pardon my cheesy version of a model and 2) I really look my mom in the 70's in this pic.


  1. Danny Kaye looked very cool during the choreagraphy number. You should have done your make up like him too. It was awesome. ;)

  2. Minimalistic is awesome on you baby!!