Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To clarify

After reading my blog, my beloved thought I should clarify and stop any potential rumors of my being pregnant. Nope, sorry, not with child.

What I would like to share is that this Thursday, we are meeting with a loan officer/broker on beginning the process of buying a house. (Wow, so weird to actually write that.) I guess it wouldn't be "beginning the process" since we've already been pre-qualified and such. On Thursday we're going to finally meet with them, face to face, and go over the condition of the loan.

It's very scary and very exciting. I've dreamed of a place of my own for a long time, probably ever since I first saw that little cottage and the illustrations in the book Amy the Dancing Bear by Carly Simon.

The illustrations are fabulous in this book that I hardly ever read the book. The basic story is that Amy doesn't want to go to bed. She wants to stay up and dance. She convinces her mother to let her stay up with different excuses, "the moon is just at the right spot in the sky," or "the fireflies are glowing outside my window." Reluctantly, her mother agrees each time by saying, "When I get finished with the dishes..." or "By the time I'm done with my bath...."

Because they are bears, their cottage is very log cabin-esque. Hanging vines and flowers are in each room and comfort and romance ooze through this book. LOVE IT!

I can't wait to have my own romantic, cozy cottage. And someday, I too will have my own little "Amy bear" to dance with...

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