Friday, September 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home: the exterior

On June 28th, Mr. B and I closed on our very first house.  We had a nice relator (recommended from church members) and an even AWESOMER (yes, I'm using that word) loan officer, Erna Hay at Cornerstone Mortgage (also recommend to us from a friend).

If I can back up a bit, I should say that this decision was not taken lightly.  We obviously saved, planned and prayed about it for...well...since we got married.  It has always been a dream of mine to own a home.  Of course, my dreams were pretty big: River Oaks, 5 bedrooms, pool, etc.  (Cue the laughter.)  Yeah, pretty big.  But my dreams were happily fulfilled with our little one-story, 3 bedrooms, 1500 sq ft house in Katy.

The process went so smoothly from loan approval, searching to closing.  When we found it, it was on the second visit out house hunting.  B saw the house on and said it had only been on the market for a few days.  We immediately contacted our relator and because we were so eager, she wasn't available to show us the house that weekend, so we went with her assistant.  Our prayer was that if it was the right house, we'd know.  Well, you can guess what happened...

Our house was in wonderful condition with a new roof and new a/c. And was only on the market a week before we put in an offer. Perfect size for a small family and in a location that was very family friendly.  The price was right and we just had good vibes the moment we walked through the door. 

So enough talk, here are some shots of our exterior:
 (Didn't really do too much with the exterior.  Added the flag and front door wreath.  YAY for finally having a garage to pull in to.  I'm thinking of painting the door red.  How fun would that be?  Also, please pardon the grass.  Texas has experienced the worst drought in it's history.)

(The view from our front door, a middle school.  Some people might not like it but we love seeing the guys practice football and the parents picking up their kids.  So far, traffic is not a problem.  They're in school before we even head out.  Plus, it's comforting knowing the school police are always near.)

 (Our spacious backyard.  Below the trees they had an amazing swingset for their two boys.  We were hoping they would leave it since those things are hard to transport, but alas.  A family friend is giving us his old grill, so I can wait to hang out back here and smell the burgers cookin'.)

So that's the exterior of our home.  Come on over if you're in the area!


  1. Congrats, Abby! Your house is so cute! I think painting the door red is a fantastic idea. It would be even better if you could get all of your neighbors to paint their doors primary colors, 'cos then it could sorta look like a Jacques Demy movie... Set in Texas. Or all the doors during Think Pink in Funny Face.

  2. There sure is no place like home! :-) such a cute place!
    I saw that you commented on Cup of Jo's giveaway for the necklace...I am doing a similar one & I think you would love it! Come check it out...