Monday, January 4, 2010

Elephant verses a Mouse

We were just watching the show 'Mythbusters.' Jason and I both like it, and occasionally, they surprise me with the tonight's episode.

They tested to see how an elephant would react to a mouse if they (the elephant) happened to come upon one. What they did was hide a mouse in a fake, dung-like rock and when the elephant came by, exposed the mouse. (They used strings to pull the rock away.)

I was in shock when, on multiple times, the elephant stopped and backed away from the mouse. It was amazing! This mammoth animal reacting so strongly to a 'nothing' of a creature. It literally, backed up and went around the mouse. It got me thinking...

Isn't that so like God, though, to use nature as a clear example of life? Seriously, think about it. From an outsider's perspective, we're going "Hey, Dumbo, just squash the runt!" Of course, the elephant doesn't understand his power and strength against the mouse.

Does God say the same thing to us concerning, oh, I don't know, our different fears and/or struggles? Think about it. "Just squash them. You're bigger than that!"

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