Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here we go...

This past year Jason and I were visiting with our pastor. He started telling us about this minister who had decided and announced to his congregation that he wanted to lead the examined life...a life were, whether good or bad, people could look in and see HIM, I mean, really HIM.

We live in a world that has two opposite opinions on this: one is narcissistic and we get tired hearing about every excessive detail of these people (so many examples of this in the media). The other side are ones that keep to themselves and feel problems are private matters left to be solved in the confines of their home (the 1950s was covered with these people). All that said, I want to be in the middle. I want this blog to serve as a honest, open book of my life without getting vain and obsessive. That's the goal period. (Plus, I also feel blogging with improve and help my writing skills.)

So, let's begin small. Here is just a quick list of honest things about me:

- I'm a Christian. No apologies. No shame.
- I've been married for almost two years and never imagined how fun or hard it was going to be.
- Every time I deal with a car issue, I cry. (Can't help it.)
- I love the idea of things (reading, coffee shops, running, road trips, fashion, etc.) but never seem to act on them.
- Jason (hub) and I did a 365 Project that showed us a lot about ourselves.
- Actress/teacher is my occupation, but secretly, I want to swim with Shamu at Sea World.
- I'm not a morning OR a night person. (Don't ask.)
- I can recite Wizard of Oz, word for word, from start to finish.

So, here we go...


  1. Congrats on starting your blog! It can be quite rewarding if you don't put too much pressure on yourself. Look forward to reading.

  2. I came across your site by accident .
    Welcome to the blogosphere !!
    If there's anything you need to ask, please let me know!