Sunday, January 24, 2010

He's my 'Live A Little'

We went shoppping tonight. Its something we enjoy doing together, plus I always feel like I end up learning something about myself or him or about us both. As we were looking at the popcorn, he brought up the fact that last christmas at our company christmas party, we got an air-popper, popcorn machine. We tossed the idea around of pulling it out from the back of the pantry, dusting it off and using it. My opinion: too much work. His: Live a little. How could I argue? He was right. We got kernels.

As we were walking down the ice cream aisle, his eyes brighten at this A&W rootbeer float sauce. He put it down after a second.

"Why don't we get?"

"Nah, we don't really need it."

"Aw, come on. Live a little."

At least its good to know I'm HIS 'live a little' too!
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