Friday, January 15, 2010

In a second...

Out of all my years and experiences, I don't know why it still amazes me how a life can change within an instant.

Today we found out that our landlady passed away.  We live in a complex that has individually, owned apartments.  We're going into our third year there and have really liked living in the complex.  We've had no major problems and, for the most part, been pretty happy with it.

Ironically, or rather, its just like God, that two different, CHEAPER, apartments, that look just like ours, popped up on this past week.  We looked at them, but the thought of moving is never a fun one, so didn't even give them a second glance.  Well...until now.

Bergstrom and I are just a little weirded out by the whole thing.  Not excited, not upset, just...feeling weird.  As a Christian, I completely know that this whole situation is God.  He is orchestrating this whole thing because years ago when I gave my life to Him, I asked Him take hold of my life and have His will done in it.

I don't know, maybe what weirds me out even more is that our prayers are being answered so boldly and clearly by Him that my little Type A personality can't handle it.  Why do we, as Christians, get shaken by God's workings when we have clearly asked Him for it? (That's a whole other blog in itself.)

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