Saturday, February 13, 2010

Couples that have made a difference

Bergstrom and I are so blessed to have examples of amazing marriages all around us. Marriage is hard sometimes and its wonderful to look around and see couples making it, TRULY making it. Valentine's Day is a great reminder of love that runs deep, not the fluffy, surface kind, but a spiritual kind of love that comes with God in the forefront. These couples have made a difference in my life:
Mommom and Poppop (Arthur and Mary Ammon), my mother parents. The most generous, loving couple you'll ever meet. I'm never seen a couple serve the Lord more than these two.

My parents (Dixon and Bonnie Dawson). I can't think of a single day that they didn't love and support me 100%!!

The Watkins and the Deans. Friends of ours that were married before us. What great examples of Godly marriages. They're apart of our 'support team.'


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