Monday, February 8, 2010

Girl's Weekend

Stephanie and I went to Rusk, Texas to visit this awesome doll, Lisa Marie King. (Yes, that's her full, real name.) She was my college room-mate and one of my dearest, closest, best-est friends those four years. I can't tell you how many shenanigans we were involved in at school.

We decided to surprise Lisa with a visit. She knew Steph was coming didn't know I was along for the ride. When we pulled up to her house at 7:30 and I jumped out of the car, the tears, screaming and hugging were immediate. We knew we were in for a fun weekend.

And it was. We caught up on each others lives, watched stupid, chick flicks together, ate yummy Mexican food...AWESOME!

However, the BEST part of the whole week was seeing my beautiful friend pregnant with her first baby. It was incredible to see my already beautiful friend made even more beautiful by pregnancy. I'm so excited for her and Wes and can't wait for this little one to come in July. Having friends have babies is the neatest thing! I only wish I lived closer to her to be able to witness this whole chapter in her life. Actually, strike that, reverse it, I wish SHE lived closer. Rusk is a pretty little town and I don't think this city mouse would be able to take it: one coffee shop, Dairy Queen, no stop lights...

But regardless of what I think, living in East Texas suits Lisa and Wes. They love it out there and that's all that matters. They love there teaching jobs and on the side, Lisa makes amazing cakes for her friends and co-workers.

This one is one she made while we were there. It's for a baby shower and the baby's name is Lily. (Go figure, huh?) Amazing, isn't it? I'm a proud friend. I'll tell you that!

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