Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just in the Nick of Time

My amazing husband bought me these marcasite earrings for Valentines. (He obviously reads my blog!) They arrived in the mail today and I was so thrilled.

They came just in the nick of time too because I was having a 'poop, body-image' day. I think all women have them, maybe men do too, I don't know. And on top of that, I'm really missing Jason home at night. (I never thought I'd hate being alone in the evenings.)

My roots are getting super bad, but I'm feeling too cheap to pay what I normally pay to get them done. My old, khaki pants unsnapped three times on me today as I stretched in my office chair. And this cold weather is not helping my naturally dry skin. (Praise God I live in Houston, though!)

Typically, I don't have these days often, but every now-a-then they creep up. We all get them, right? So, I've already decided to look super cute tomorrow to supplement this 'poop' day! That's such a great word when you think about it...POOP! It says so much.


  1. Also what says so much ... "I love you." "You're beautiful." "I miss you, too."

    And those earrings look fantastic!

    Can't wait for our date tonight, either, babe!

  2. I'm having one right now. They suck.