Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why I've been away from the blog world

I've been away since I hopped into the blog world and its for good reason. I have been directing a children's play, Laura Ingalls Wilder: Voice of the Prairie, to be exact. So since January, my days have been full of rehearsals, my mind has been on the prairie, literally, and I've been dealing with actors, costumers, designers, etc. CRAZY TIME!

Tonight was the preview. (We didn't have many come, which is typical of a preview night.) Tonight I got to see my 'baby' come to life in front of people. I felt very vulnerable and very nervous watching people, watch my show.

Three highlights of the evening that I will cherish in my heart:
1. Watching the grandmother in section 2 wipe tears from her eyes at the ending.
2. Watching a little girl watch 'Laura' so intently and smile as she and 'Mary' played make-believe.
3. My husband's support as he sat by my side watching the show. (Oh, and the sunflowers he bought me.)

I feel so blessed and honored to have a job that encourages my creativity, even if I work for peanuts. I love being a 'Believer Artist.' Its what I do. Its a huge part of who I am. And if I may say so myself, its an awesome show!

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