Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bedtime Story, "The Pipe Goblins"

Well, Boys and Girls, it's that special part of the day, story time with Aunt Abby. So, go grab your blankies and that last cup of wa-wa and snuggle up for the bedtime story called, "The Pipe Goblins." Are you ready? Ok, let's begin.

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful prince and princess who lived in the land, Strom of the Berg. They had a cozy little one bedroom, one bath apartment that was just perfect for the little couple, after all, these were not ordinary royals. Oh no, this prince and princess were humble and didn't live extravagantly like the other kings and queens in the Berg. They welcomed anyone and everyone into their home sweet home. In fact, they were such, nice royals that they were even mistaken as common townsfolk to most people.

Well, little did they know that they were not the only ones living in that apartment. Oh, no, pipe
goblins, who live in the water pipes, were occupying their bathroom. Those pipe goblins were so cruel. They ate holes in the pipes so that water would trickle out of them and into the apartment. The beautiful princess noticed the water over their royal commode one day dripping down on the beautiful royal blue, commode cover. "Dear me," she cried, "we had such a nice place until the pipe goblins attacked."

Well, they weren't ready to give up a fight. The brave prince and the
courageous princess fought like...um...fought like THE DICKENS to kill the pipe goblins. You know why, kids? Because they would not settle with living with a trashcan on their commode. NO! They would not live with the possibility of the goblins dripping water on them while they were, well, you know. They do not care how many times they have to call the Lady of the Land's boyfriend to check on the progress. The Goblins Will Be Vanquished!

So, boys and girls. That's the end of our story for tonight. What will happen to the prince and princess, I wonder? Will their beautiful home ever get saved? Stay tuned for the next chapter of "The Pipe Goblins" at a later time. Nighty night and sweet dreams.


  1. Have the goblins been vanquished yet? Have you at least got a trash bag canopy over your royal heads so that the goblins can't drip water on you while, you know...

  2. No, sweet Kim, they are still there. Drastic measures might have to be taken!