Monday, March 15, 2010

Meet Mimi

This is my Mimi, or rather Aunt Mary, but she's NEVER been Aunt Mary to me, always Mimi. She is my mother's sister and has been a kindred spirit, confidant, and support to me my whole life. Without fail she has visited us each and every year. (She even traveled with a broken ankle to see us. WOW.) My brother and I have been completed spoiled by her visits and now Jason gets to look forward to them too.

We've had a fun time hanging out. She saw our shows, we watched the 60's classic Valley of the Dolls with Patty Duke last night and today we saw Alice in Wonderland at the movies. Not half bad, Tim Burton. Helen, as the Red Queen, was hysteric. I think it was definitely worth the $5 we paid for the matinee performance. Any ways, back to Mimi....

I love her to death. I only hope that I can be half the aunt she has been to me. Hear that Josh and Dina...get on it! I want to be BeeBee, Aunt BeeBee. Abby might be too hard to say, so I'll settle for BeeBee. I mean, come on, how cute is that??

LOVE YOU, MIMI! Thanks for all the pen-pal letters, the funny pictures, late night talks, amazing gifts and the four leaf clover you found, pressed and made into a bookmark for me. God broke the mold with you. Keep on being yourself, even if people hush you or tell you your sweater is stupid. Trust your gut and be confident in the women I've always known you were.

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  1. oh my sweetpea, you are so sweet, you deserve an anthropologie sweater!!! xoxoxoxo mimi