Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can I get married again?

My radio station of choice is Houston's 89.3 KSBJ. Their afternoon DJ, Liz, is getting married on Saturday, so the whole station has been swept up in wedding-talk. It's been fun listening to the different comments and advice that all of Houston seems to be giving to the engaged couple. This has really brought back memories of my own wedding.

I want to get married again. I loved every minute of it, well, every minute of that day. Leading up to it was a bit stressful. I was just so happy, so excited to finally be united to the man God designed for me to marry.

Walking down the aisle was the most nerve-racking moment. My heart was beating so fast. Every step felt weighted with eagerness. I remember digging my nails into my father's arm. (Sorry, Dad.) The music was perfect. The processional was to the band Mae's Sun and Moon. It was the most intense moment of my life that I have ever experienced. In pictures, my face is neither smiling or frowning, just locked on Jason's with intensity. (Now, looking back, I wish I was smiling, but I guess you can't control those things when you are in the moment.)

Everything about that day was beautiful. The church, ceremony, pictures, reception, food....everything was perfect. What was also so special was having all the people you love in one room. Because, let's face it, the only time that really happens is at your wedding or your funeral. That's why, if someone you love is getting married, do everything you can to go. Forget work, forget about the expenses, forget taking that overdue vacation. You'd go to their funeral,right, so why not go to their wedding and enjoy life with them.

WOW. Not sure where that came from.

Ok, so back to getting married again, isn't it so sad you get married once? Um, well, once for some people, once for me. He's it. He's my husband forever and ever. Done. Fin. Till death do us part...

Enjoy your weddings future brides and grooms. It's a magical day. Stay focused on God and each other because you will have some curve balls thrown your way in the form of coordinators, parents, friends, not-nice comments, stress, need I go on?

Blessings to you on this romantic, wedding-filled thoughtful day!

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  1. i will never forget the look on your face walking down the aisle towards Jason, you didn't take your eyes off of him. you had an expression on your face i had never seen before. so wanted to watch you but also wanted to see his face too. it was a magical moment, i think you floated down the aisle!