Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Update

My cup runneth over on Saturday when I got to watch one of my voice and drama students perform in CYT's production of Cinderella. I had coached her for this audition and I remember telling her before hand, "Abigail, you ARE Cinderella. This is going to be a piece a cake for you because you are sweet, kind, gorgeous with a beautiful voice... Have confidence in this audition and have fun!" (Of course, the number one rule, right?) She got the role!

I did get a little weepy watching the ball scene. She was glowing. She was GREAT! There was not one moment were I grimaced and thought, "Man, why did she do that?" Her mic even went dead in the middle of a scene and she just slowly walked offstage while the step-sisters improv-ed a few lines until she came back. WHAT A PRO!

It was my joy and honor to be there in the audience cheering her on. I feel so blessed to be a part of this incredible young woman's journey. Keep shining, sweet Abigail!

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  1. you are a wonderful teacher, keep smilin, my abby gail!