Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First 30 seconds of my 2nd-3rd Grade class

(Waiting for all of the students to arrive for the 4:30 acting class; six girls are sitting in chairs)

Student A: (exclaiming) I have a zit!
Student B: What's a zit?
Student A: I have acne.
Student B: What's a zit?
ME: Well, when you get to be a teenager....
Student B: Is it like a pimple?
ME: Yes. It's the same thing. Zit, pimple, acne, it's all the same! (to A) Come here. Let me see.
(after looking at her face) That's not a zit, it's a bite.
Student A: (very matter of fact) Yeah, it's a spider bite. Did you know men can get breast cancer?
Student C: (sweetly) What's cancer?
ME: Cancer is when someone gets really sick. People can have cancer in different parts of the body, like the brain, skin, lungs...

And then they began to share how they each knew someone who had cancer. Oh my!

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  1. Sounds like you have a group of slightly morbid 2nd + 3rd graders. Good luck! ;)