Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weird guys that you have to love

Do you have a crush on a celebrity that no one would guess? Or a crush on, what other people might call, an 'ugly' person? I hear many guys like Joan Cusack. Not to say she's ugly (because I don't think she is), but she's just not the 'typically' female, guys would find attractive. People fascinate me, particularly weird, non-conformist, slightly 'off' people. For some weird reason I find these two guys attractive:

1. Alan Cumming, I just love you. You are so weird and so talented there hasn't been a single thing that you've done that I haven't like...well...wait, I take that back. You've done some weird things. BUT ANY WAYS, you rock my world with your style and charisma!

2. Steve Perry from Journey. I love his voice and for SOME CRAZY reason find him attractive, particularly in this video. (I'm laughing just thinking about it.) I go weak in the knees for 80's music!

Disclaimer: I think Jason Bergstrom is THE MOST attractive man in the entire world and he comes before any human being on the face of this earth! hehe. LOVE YOU, HONEY!

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