Friday, May 21, 2010

Things on my mind

1. I've seen a lot of trailers/commercials for the new Shrek movie, but Jason and I are a bit confused. Is the title of the next movie Shrek The Last Chapter or Shrek Forever After? We've seen both and don't quite understand. Pay attention next time a commercial comes on the TV and you'll see what I mean.

2. A family gave me a $25 Visa card for teaching their four children in my homeschool class. SCORE! I'm struggling with using it for frivolous stuff rather than practical items. I gave it to Bergstrom to buy a few essential groceries: eggs, milk, peanut butter, toilet paper, but he insisted that I spend it on myself. To quote him, "I want you to buy something that you don't need, but want." Man, I love him. There's about $14 left (after I made him buy those essentials) and I don't know what to buy. I went to TJMax yesterday. Picked up a shirt that I was going to buy. (Didn't really love it, but thought what-the-heck.) The gift card didn't read on the scanner, so I took it as a sign and left with nothing. Bummer. What to buy? What would you spend $14 dollars on? I think I'm going to venture to Target and look at what they have. Maybe shoes? A DVD? A CD? Earrings?

3. I should clean my apt. I mean REALLY clean it. I half clean it about every other weekend, but I should really get at it.

4. Is my meeting at 11:00 with all the department heads going to give me a headache?

5. Another student, actually two, a brother and a sister, gave me three potted herbs as a thank you for teaching them this year. (Same homeschool group and, yes, they totally spoil me) I now have basil, mint and cilantro in my apt. on the window ledge. I'm excited to have fresh herbs but I'm afraid they're going to die. HA! I just thought of "How to Lose a Guy..."


Any ways, I have some chicken, fettuccine and alfredo sauce. I'm excited that now I have fresh basil to sprinkle on top of my fettuccine alfredo, once I get my butt into the kitchen to make it.


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