Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Update

We didn't get much sleep this weekend and it wasn't because we were terribly busy. We just, for one reason or another, got to bed later than usual most nights.

Friday night we watched the little monkey, or at least that's my nickname for her. Zoey is a jewel. Jason and I love her with a passion. We feel so honored to be apart of her life and feel so grateful to Christy and Joey for trusting us and allowing us to be pseudo-aunt and uncle to her. She's the perfect child to watch, hardly fusses, goes to bed when suppose to and is a great communicator of what she wants. Friday was the first time EVER she woke up in the middle of the night at our place. Just needed a clean pull-up. So easy! (God, please let our children be as easy as that!) Don't you love her feet in this picture?

We, of course, spent Mother's Day with my family. We ate my delicious meal of pot roast, aka my go-to meal, with spinach/strawberry/walnut salad as a side. I made biscuits but realized AFTER the meal that I stuck them in the microwave just to keep them warm and forgot to pull them out. Oh, well. Then we walked around Discovery Green because my parents, Jason and I had never been there. It's smaller than I thought. I'd love to see a play out there sometime, though.

It was fun. An eventful but not too crazy weekend. For Mother's Day I got my mom an Anthropologie sugar and creamer set. I thought they were really cool looking with a pyramid-type structure and they seemed to suit her. (sigh) My family. I love them!

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