Friday, May 14, 2010

Last Chapter of "The Pipe Goblins"

Welcome back, boys and girls to the last chapter of "The Pipe Goblins." I hope your excited to read it with me as we journey back to the land of the Strom of the Berg. Here we go....

After being extremely upset for over a month and a half, the princess's prayers were answered. A plumber, riding on a white horse, galloped into the bathroom to fight the pipe goblins. He searched and went through treacherous terrain until he found them under the commode of the upstairs occupant, in the waxy-doughnut thing to be exact. (And that's a technical term, kids, "waxy-doughnut.") With one big swipe of his plumber sword, the pipe goblins were vanquished. The hole was repaired and everything was fixed back to normal.

The moral of this story, boys and girls, is to make sure the waxy-doughnut of your heart is strong and in good shape. If not, the pipe goblins might destroy it and leak liquid all over your commode.

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