Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Brother's Birthday!

My wonderful, handsome, older brother celebrated another birthday today. My only sibling. The one who humbled me constantly with the reminder that I was NOT the only kid in the family. HA! We even went through puberty at the same time. (I'm sure that was fun for the parents.) He continually picks on me, bosses me around, but loves me just the same.

We went out to Lake Conroe with the boat he and our dad have been fixing up. I'm so proud of them. They amaze me sometimes with their ability to be handy and fix practically everything that breaks. It was a fun day. We all got a little sun and got to spend some time cruising around on the boat. And, of course, celebrate one of my favorite guy's birthdays!

You're my hero, Todd. I love you and apologize for all the annoying singing, tagging along, tattle-telling, penny fights all these years. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good day.
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