Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

What to say to honor my father? There's so much!

Maybe I'll just give you my top five favorite moments with my dad:

5. My dad telling me in middle school how much he loved the play I was in. He said he laughed so hard that the video camera shook because he couldn't stop laughing. (Pretty awesome compliment coming from a not-so-into-theatre guy.)

4. My father pretended to be a stylist named, Marvey, whenever he gave me a bath. Marvey would shampoo, condition and comb my hair out almost every night.
3. In Kindergarten, for a homework assignment, I had to ask my dad what he did for a living. My dad answered, as a joke, "I'm a grease monkey," so that's what I wrote on my paper.

2. After coming home from a Sunday trip to Ace Hardware, he proceed to circle the cul-du-sac in front of our house about 20 times singing, "You Can't Always Get What You Want..." to me. (I guess that was a father/daughter teaching moment he wanted to get across to me.)

1. After my first experience with breaking up with a boy, I was crying my eyes out in my bedroom. My dad came in, sat on the bed, put his hand on my back and said softly, "Honey, the first one's a bitch." Short, simple and so true.

I love my dad. He's not perfect, but hey, neither are his kids. He's taught me over the years to be a hard-worker, that anything worth doing is worth over-doing, and to accept people for who they are.


  1. I love this post and I love your dad's approach to healing your first broken heart!

  2. I love this. Thanks for sharing your special moments with your Dad. I love the picture of you as a little girl.