Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lisa's Baby Shower

Lisa and Wes had there first baby shower on Sunday, the 13th.  It was in Nacogdoches because that's where Wes is from and still has family there.   (I call it Nac-a-nowhere.)

It was a small gathering of mainly his family, so I think that Lisa was happy to have her girls there for her.  Steph, Sarah Jean and I drove up together, which was totally fun since it's been a long time since we hung out.  We had some major catching up to do and some major sing-a-longs to partake it....
We laughed so much at the shower, just the four of us.  I have so much fun with these women.  Always have.  It felt like old times.  I feel like the friends you have when you're little are friends that help shape you into the person you become.  But your college friends are the friends you make because you have a strong connection with because your personalities truly mesh together.

Lisa's doing really great.  The pregnancy has been super easy.  She has about 5 - 6 more weeks left and I CAN'T WAIT!  She's going to make a wonderful mom because she has such a youthful spirit herself.  And I just have a feeling her and Wes are going to make pretty babies! 


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