Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This is my long over-due Memorial day blog.

Jason and I had such a relaxing weekend. On Sunday we pretty much hung out at my parent's pool all day drinking margaritas and eating Mexican food. HEAVEN! We also were messing around with my dad's new inflatable jet-ski. Hopefully soon, the boat he's been fixing will be pulling it around on the lake. But for now, I'll have to do:

Here are some pictures my parents took on Sunday. (Too bad my brother couldn't join us. He was rockin' out at a Korn concert.)

Then on Monday, Memorial Day, we slept in, then hopped back into our swimsuits for a Bar-B-Q Birthday Bash at the Arriagas. It was Laurie and Christy's joint birthday party. Great day for a pool party. I have the world's best friends.

And they have the sweetest children. Man, I'm stinkin' spoiled!

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