Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ten Things...#3

Ten Things I Love That I Own
#3. Vanity
In 1991, I'm estimating the year, my parents bought me this vanity. If my memory serves me correctly, they either got it at an antique shop or garage sale. I had just started my youth performing group, Encore Youth Performers, that traveled around singing and dancing weekly at different venues. We have a picture of me sitting at my vanity before a performance in my red, Encore t-shirt. I still sit at it every morning and put on my make-up. For being almost 20 years old, it still looks and functions pretty well. I hope to past it along to my little girl someday.

Here it is with nothing on it, nice and clean:

This is what it looks like with all my crap, except....I'll be honest and admit that I set up this shot to make it look uber-neat:

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