Tuesday, August 3, 2010

His Last Day

It came and went: Jason's last day. Full of tears, prayers and many hugs, we got through it. I was a little thankful to have Into The Woods to take my mind off of it.

This morning at Bible study/company meeting, Jason and Jeff, who is also leaving this week to work for our church, were surrounded by our friends/co-workers with prayers. It was pretty beautiful yet painful to watch. I sat back on purpose to avoid the overwhelming emotion that was already swelling within me. I was fighting back tears all morning. (The tears won.) Jason then had to stand up and address everyone with a final 'good-bye.' That's when I officially lost the battle with the crying. There is just something about seeing your spouse cry that cuts your heart open.

He's amazing. What can I say? So many people adore him, and rightfully so. After work over 20 of our co-workers and their families ate dinner with us at Chuys. (I can't believe Jason actually thought no one was going to come. HA!) It was a good closure. But I'm afraid for tomorrow. Afraid that tomorrow is going to be EVEN HARDER than today. (sigh)

I'm happy. I really am. It's about following God's will and serving where He places us. And Jason's going to be a fantastic addition to he church. But...this is what I'm going to miss...

My heart hurts. But he'll be back on stage. I know it! I just know it!

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  1. Such sweet sentiment and such a sweet time. It is so hard when God closes a significant chapter of our lives and moves us to something else. I know this move is bitter-sweet. It will get easier and yes, he WILL be on stage again...who knows, maybe the church will start its own theater and you two can be in something together. I already have ideas.