Monday, March 21, 2011

New least to me

When did I stop buying CDs?  Somewhere between last week and 1999, I stopped.  Every Christmas, I usually get the musical CD I ask for from my parents, but that's about it.  When I was in high school, and a little into college, I had a tradition of purchasing the CD of the best "New Musical" Tony winner, however, stopped when Avenue Q, Jersey Boys and Spring Awakening made me pause and think before buying.

Well, as I was surfing one of my beloved blogs, Nie Nie Dialogues I discovered a new Indie Artist that I was immediately drawn too.  Mindy Gledhill has that soft, easy-listening, yet deeply insightful vibe and I completely am digging her.  So I bought her CD.  YAY!  NEW CD!  The curse is broken! 

Enjoy her newest video for "Whole Wide World" from her Album Anchor.  The two girls running with her in the front are actually the daughters of Nie Nie and make some appearances in the video with their mom.  So fun!

Please excuse me....I'm going to go get a bowl of strawberry shortcake ice cream and watch the video for the 100th time.....

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