Monday, November 19, 2012

Big E - 7 months

The little man is 7 months today.  SEVEN!  And as is monthly tradition, Bergstrom and I take a photo of him wearing a onesie and "monthly" sticker which I got on Etsy.  We lay him on his prayer quilt which was made by my good friend's mother for E's baby shower.  I absolutely love it.  It has prayers and well wishes on it from family, friends and dear ones.  This little 7 month old is loved, loved, LOVED!

At 7 months, Big E can:
- Sit up unassisted
- Sucessfully grab and reach for anything and everything
- Eat solids (Pears and carrots are top favorites)
- Put his pacifier in his mouth on his own
- Sit and be happy for 45 minutes during our commute (Big Accomplishment Here!)
- Grow two huge bottom teeth
- Sit in the big tub
- Do raspberries just to hear the sound and see spit fly (Not too excited about this one.)
- "Crawl" in the sense of moving and pushing backwards and get on all fours for a half a second
- Wear 9 month clothing

And because I missed a WHOLE bunch of months on the blog, here's a collage of his past 6 pictures!

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