Monday, November 12, 2012

The Acorn Attack of 2012

We've been living in our house for almost a year and a half now.  I love our little abode.  I still get excited when we pull up into the driveway.  And particularly during this season, it just makes owning a home that much more special and cozy.  (Come on, favorite movie is Wizard of Oz.  "There's No Place Like Home!")  Bergstrom and I have pretty much figured out the small ins-and-outs of this house and with the minor help of family occasionally, have taken pretty good care of it, I must say.  (Insert small pat on the back.  But for the record, we still don't know half of what we're doing!)

All this to say there has been a PLAGUE UPON ON OUR HOUSEHOLD! 


Acorns are everywhere.  The past two nights we've listened to them fall on our house as if Santa and his reindeer had arrived early.  What's even funnier, rather not so funny, is that they are so loud that they are being picked up in Elliott's monitor.  My mommy ears are so sensitive I'm not only waking up because I hear them fall near our bedroom window, but I hear them over near E's room.  THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!

And, seriously, are we suppose to swipe/rake up all of them?  Good Grief, Charlie Brown!  We don't have the time or energy to do that.  So, instead of mean, bad acorns that are attacking us with their presence, I've looked up on Etsy nice, beautiful acorns.

Crochet Acorn Hat with Leaf - PDF Pattern - 4 sizes up to 12 months Giving Thanks -- Acorn Thanksgiving Place Cards --  Set of 14
 from MagicRabbitPatterns            from PinwheelStudio

Woodland Amber Acorn Autumn Necklace.Fall jewelry- botanical resin jewelry Squirrel Acorn Love
from Goodthings88                         from Barnswallowpress

Good night from the acorn apocalypse.  I hope to dream of a million squirrels ridding our yard of all the nuts.  Actually, scratch that, that is one - scary - dream!

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