Friday, November 9, 2012

Here's a story....

....of a lovely lady...who was pregnant with a little, baby boy...

Ok, I'm not going to rewrite that song.  It's getting late and I don't think I can be that clever right now.  I decided I should blog about Elliott's birth.  It's only altered my entire life and changed it upside down.  Just a little worthy of a blog, wouldn't you say?  So, here it goes.

My due date was April 10th but it looked like this little one was not budging.  He kept getting bigger (as did I) and I just wasn't progressing at all with each doctor's visit.  My plan was to go as far as I could without meds but with Elliott taking his time, I was scheduled for induction on April 18th because my doctor didn't feel comfortable with me going over 41 weeks.  After a huge Olive Garden meal, Jason and I headed to the hospital at 9 pm on the 18th.  Thus the waiting began with the fam...

By the morning, contractions were strong enough that I needed to call in the epidural.  All day was spent monitoring my progress, but let me tell you, it was a slow process.  Elliott just did not want to come.  I got to 17 hours of labor/8 centimeters and the doctor said, "If he doesn't come in an hour, we're going to have to do a C-section."  Now, this was not my favorite option but since everything was already not how I planned it, might-as-well.  It was the best choice for Elliott at the time and that's what was most important.  I will have to say my sweet nurse was wonderful and did try all her "tricks" to help my labor progress.  She even had me push a little right before they wheeled me into the OR.  Sweet, sweet lady.

Flash forward to 5:13 p.m., Elliott Ryder came into this world weighing 8lbs 3oz.  He cried so loud when he came out, they said they heard him in the hall.  His Apgar score was a 9.  Jason and I cried our eyes out the moment we saw him.  It was unbelievable!  Next to walking down the aisle towards my love, seeing Elliott's face for the first time can pretty much take the cake for "Best Moments of My Life!"  And in case you're wondering, Elliott is my brother's middle name and Ryder is Jason's brother's name.

Mom.  Eek!  I'm a Mommy!!

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  1. i love your opening line and the story of elliott's has been wonderful seeing all of his darling pictures as well as your creative side with poses with happy you are in your little nest, i cannot wait to see all of you soon!! xoxoxo mimi...continue blogging, for stay at homes like me is terrific!!