Sunday, January 10, 2010

I went to an opera in sweats

"Cancho, let me borrow some of your sweeeats!" - Jack Black in Nacho Libre

For my anniversary, Bergstrom bought us tickets to go to the Marq*e to see The Metropolitian Opera's Der Rosenkavalier. How is that possible, you ask, when The Met is in NY and you're watching an opera at the movies? Well, The Met, for less than 10 years, has been broadcasting their opera's LIVE from NY and streaming them in HD all of the world to different movie theaters. TOTALLY RAD, RIGHT? So, that took up most of my day yesterday, but let me explain about the sweats...

When I woke up, I realized we weren't getting any hot water. Ugh. I was meeting some friends in the morning and didn't have time to wait around for the water to get warm. (Sidenote: Artic, cold weather swept through Houston = BRR COLD!) I threw on some sweats. While I was there, I forget the track of time and try to rush home as fast as I can; however, it was too late...we had to leave for the movies.

We thought we would be the only ones there, but, BOY, were we wrong. It was packed. Let's just say it was like a 'sea of white.' (My peeps in the theatre will know what I'm talking about.) Bergstrom and I braced ourselves for an almost 5 hour opera.

IT WAS AWESOME! Renee Fleming and Susan Graham were in it and I loved every minute. The cameras zoomed in close and you could catch facial expressions, glimpse into the orchestra pit and at times, see the actual audience. (I waved, but no one waved back.)

The coolest part was the camera followed the performers as the exited the stage and Placido Domingo interviewed them, think, a sports game after the game is over. During the two intermissions, the cameras filmed the backstage crew changing out the set, while Bergstrom and I sat there in awe, munching on popcorn and Skittles.

Magical, none-the-less. GO! Everyone should go at least once, and, hey, you can wear sweats to the opera if you want to.

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