Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LOST Addiction

We gave in a got Netflix. (I think that means that we officially joined the human race now.) We've had it for a few weeks and I can already tell you it's well worth the $8.99 a month. We're movie junkies. Jason and I love to watch movies and so, with being debt free now, this is a little treat we don't mind spending money on.

Any ways, LOST: Season I! Man, it's good. We didn't watch it when it was on TV but we streamed it through Netflix. I think that we spent two consecutive Saturdays in the row just in our apartment watching LOST. If you guys haven't seen it, it's worth watching.

The writing is superb and the storyline of each main character is intriguing. Jason and I shared our favorite and least favorite characters of Season One with each other, and ironically, my favorites are his least favorites and visa versa. My favorite characters are Kate, Charlie and Hurley. My least are Locke, Sawyer and Shannon. Jason loves Locke and Sawyer and hates Charlie. HA!

I digress. We're addicted. We love it. We said we were going to wait a week or so until starting Season Two, but that didn't last. I'm just so glad that we both are really into a show. It makes the evenings fun and gives us something to share and look forward to.

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