Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jules is getting married

I have the honor, the privileged, the delight to announce that my Jules got engaged this past weekend.

Julia and I first met in the 9th grade. Mr. Davis' class, I think. I sat behind her because of 'Barclay,' Dawson.' My first words to her, and yes, I remember them, were, "You have really pretty hair." She did. It was long and I think she curled it that day. Plus, the back of her head was the first thing I saw of her. A few months later that year, I, ironically, started to attend the church her family was (and still are) members of and joined the youth choir/fall musical. There she was. We became fast friends and the rest is history.

We went our separate ways in college but try to keep in touch the best we can. The problem is, we're both horrible at it and not big phone people, but that's ok. Jules and I have this weird, unspoken understanding that no matter what, no matter how long, we will always be friends. When we see each other we just pick right back up where we left off. We love each other with this sisterly, Godly love that transcends our time on this Earth. I think I wrote in her Senior book, "Friends are friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them." (And, yes, it's corny to quote a Michael W. Smith song, but I was 18, and didn't know any better.)

Ok, so back to the engagement. She emailed to say she was going to be in town with her beau, Jonathan. I immediately knew. I mean, HELLO, visiting family randomly in Sept.? She walked into Katz. We hugged and then I glanced down at the rock and said, very sly, with a playful smirk, "So, when did this happen?"

The rest of the lunch was spent discussing details, laughing about parents and Jason and I getting to meet and know Jonathan better. It had been two and a half years since we had seen each other and, boy, was it long over do.

Congrats, my Jules! You're going to make a beautiful bride. Can't wait to watch you walk down the aisle.

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