Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love A Good Steal

Today is my day off.  I've never loved Tuesdays which as much fervor as I do now.  Y'all, I'm pooped with a capital 'P.'  I COMPLETELY regret volunteering for Daisy as an ASM.  My mornings, afternoons, nights and weekends are spent at the theater.  It's been fun doing it with Moe but the lack of 'home time' is a killer.  So...

Every Tuesday I breath a deep sigh.  TIME OFF!  And today was awesome!  Stayed in my pjs until 12ish watching Pushing Daisies, Season Two on Netflix while drinking coffee and eating strawberries and cream oatmeal.  HEAVEN!  Driving to the bank to deposit money in the account.  KA-CHING!  Paying a credit card bill.  Wait, that sucked!

So, I got some cash back from the deposit and told myself that, for once and for all, I was going to get rid of this shopping bug that has been living in my soul for about a month.  (You know that feeling of wanting to get something new?  That's the shopping bug.  I feel it about every six months or so.)  With money in my pocket I head to every woman's dream store: Ross.  Don't you hear the angel singing.  I love that place.  I even love it despite ALWAYS waiting in horribly long lines, and I do mean ALWAYS! 

I was on a mission.  The thing I needed, not wanted, but needed, was a new skirt.  I have tons of dresses, tons of tops and pants, but I am really longing for new skirts that go from work, to teaching, to weekends.  And would you believe that the one thing I needed, Ross was in short supply.  I was so despite to take home something, I even contemplated trying on one of those tacky, Junior skirts that are WAY TOO ORNAMENTED.  You, girls, know which ones I'm talking about: with chains or zippers that have lace, leather OR gems on them.  No offense to Juniors who have those, but they are not appropriate for any women over 18.  And I am nowhere near the age of 18.

Well, in the clearance section, WOO HOO, I found it.  A Jones New York, brown pencil skirt with buttons all the way down the front.  Bingo.  It's in my size. so I rush to the dressing room.  As I try it on, I notice the main top button is gone.  I was so bummed.  The perfect skirt and it has a flaw.  I check out the skirt to see if it had an extra button on the tag or even hidden inside the seam.  No luck.  I wanted this skirt, though.  Since I'm so determined to take it home, I decide that I would probably be able to find a button that worked at home, or, at least, move around some buttons to make it work.  (Yes, Tim Gunn.  I will!)  Plus, I figure, I at least can ask for a discount, right?  If it's missing something, I should at least show them and ask what they could do.

So, here it is!  The new skirt I will be wearing for fall.  Oh, and, yes, I did get a discount for the missing button. 20% BABY!  That means I only spent $9.60 plus tax.  (sigh)  I love a good steal. 

Oh, wait, what's that I see at the waist...at the top?  Oh, that's right.  That would be the missing button I found in the pocket and sewed back on.  ( insert Abby's happy dance)

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