Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Night

Inspired by Hannah's blog. (Because why write paragraphs when you can blog in bullets.)

* Good name for a blog or band - Blog in Bullets

*My husband gets too much pleasure out of killing

*How much water have I drunk today? I think I'm close to 64 ounces. YAY, me!

*I'm a little pissed that it took me an hour to make Jason and I on Sims3 last night and this morning when I tried to show Jason, we discovered the game didn't save! Grrr!

*Should I go into work in the morning and do office work, or take advantage of my 11 a.m. photo shoot call and not go in until then? Which one is going to win, I wonder?

*No, seriously, I really do wonder because I don't know what I'm going to do.

*I hope Conan is funny tonight. I'm so happy for him. (Look at me talk as if I know him.)

*I'm feeling a little Scrooge with Christmas shopping approaching. Some people are just too dang hard to buy for.

*Dear God, please help Abigail nail her audition next week. Show me how I can better serve her as a teacher.



  1. "My husband gets too much pleasure out of killing" ???
    Is Mr.B an axe murderer?

  2. So, I married an axe murderer...

    Harriet, Sweet Harriet...

    Ha! No, killing zombies on Call Of Duty!