Thursday, November 18, 2010

True Confessions #538

I'm over the moon excited about Prince William being engaged.  I was telling a friend that I think my 'Princess Gene' has been activated.  You see, I grew up with a mom and aunt who were obsessed with Princess Di and the Royal Family, so naturally, the gene got passed down to me.  I TOTALLY had a secret crush on Prince William.  I knew that one day, while vacationing in England, we would bump into each other, or he would see me in a crowd, (details don't matter) and he would ask to marry me!  We're close in age and, HELLO, I knew I was destined to be a princess, so it was only logical.  HA!

Kate Middleton is super beautiful, though.  She's going to be the new Diana.  I just hope that their marriage is one that's going to last.  Hopefully, Prince William learned many lessons from his own parents' marriage.  That would just be so sad.

Their wedding is going to be fabulous!  I'm so excited.  This wedding to me is like Princess Diana's was to my mom and aunt.  You remember watching it on TV, 20 years later.  Images from that day will forever be ingrained in your head.

So, Kate, you're welcome for not pursuing Wills because he COULD have been mine.  But instead, I get a prince of my own.  My swedish prince loves me more than any King, Duke or English Prince ever could.  He's so much a prince, I see him as a 'king:'


  1. And so kingly looking too! :-P

  2. Wanna cohost a "So What You're Not a Princess?" party to celebrate in April?