Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas at our crib

I really do love Christmas time, despite the fact that I just had my air-conditioner on and I've been working almost every night this month.  But this time of year just makes me happy!  Time off from work is approaching and decorations that only come out once a year are here!  I don't have much, but I don't have much space, so that's a happy marriage.
Our tree is one that I've had since I was, probably, in elementary school.  My mom got my brother and I little foot-tall trees for our rooms that we hung our most favorite ornaments on.  Now it sits on our end table with my angel doily and glass Nativity.

I wish I could remember where I got my Nativity scene.  It's made of glass and set on a mirror.  I was tickled when I walked by a display case at the church where we perform our children's productions and saw it in there, except they had three glass sheep.

I think my favorite little something-something to set out at Christmas is my snowman.  He usually sits next to the TV so that I can see him at nights when I watch the tube.  My mother, surprise, surprise, gave him to me and I just love him.  I love that he's in orange rather than red or green.  Wouldn't it be fun to decorate for Christmas using non-traditional colors like orange and pink?  Hmmm....I feel a bright idea coming on for next year!

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  1. You are a bright idea, my sweet friend! I love you! Merry Christmas!